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4 Unknown Marketing Mega Trends

The first quarter of the year is the time when predictions appear from out of nowhere. It’s easy to predict something if you see it happening already. It’s also true when it comes to marketing. But, what’s difficult is to determine what lies ahead and the things you don’t see from the surface.  

If you have this mindset that the marketing industry will be the same as it was in the past few years, it’s time for a change. We round up the unknown marketing megatrends you can try to help your company grow bigger and better.  

Purpose-driven brand

In the past few years, customers were starting to care more about what’s happening behind the company. Customers are more concerned about the environment, economy and other factors making the world go round and round.  

Recently, customers are turning towards companies and brands that work for a certain purpose before profit. Some of the famous companies with this goal are Chobani, 3M, and Google.   

Customers love to be part of a movement for the common good. Thus, they show their support for these causes by patronizing the brand that has a goal and a commitment to help.  

Many brands and companies take this for granted and if you’re one of them, you’re missing the good stuff. It’s a win-win situation because you can help others while gaining customers’ trust and loyalty.  


Automated marketing

With the rise and continued success of artificial intelligence (AI), it was developed to be used in different aspects of the business. These days, you can use the AI to automate marketing strategies and it offers a handful of benefits.  

You can start utilizing AI in the smallest department in your company and extend its use as time goes by. Just a heads up, using AI doesn’t mean you don’t need the help of your employees. Adding AI in your marketing strategies will make it a smoother process.  

Storage in the cloud


Cloud storage is pretty famous. Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the internet, or “cloud.” It is maintained, operated and managed by a cloud storage service provider on a storage server that is built on virtualization techniques. There’s no wonder with that because it offers a whole bunch of benefits. Cloud storages aren’t used for photos and videos. As a matter of fact, cloud storage is currently used in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (or Software) and is sometimes referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software to save company data.  

Choose the right social media or online influencers

Social media or online influencers are the celebrities of this generation. They have solid fans and followers who patronize the brands and companies they support. For digital marketers looking for social media, an influencer is not that easy. This is due to the number of social media influencers offering their help and services for small to large-scale businesses. So, when choosing a social media influencer, choose the one who specializes in the niche you’re in. These influencers are qualified to represent your brand and they have followers who can support and turn into loyal customers.