Why SEO Audits are Important

5 Reasons Why SEO Audits are Important

To become a top search result in Google, lots of tactics come into place. But a major problem for many business owners is what is missing and why their business is not scaling online? 


Well, the answer is simple; an SEO audit. 


I know that because I was there, and I spent years trying to figure that out.

Many businesses think their way to go is starting to make major changes in their website and marketing strategies, but in an analogy, this is like walking down a dark tunnel without a flashlight.


SEO audits give business a radar which points out the best SEO strategies and things to work on, not only to grow and empower your business’s marketing but to also give a wide space of time for planning. 


This is not a scenario you want when talking about your business’s future, rather you’d prefer carrying down that “flashlight” this is what an SEO audit offers.


If you are someone struggling to optimize your website, SEO audits are the prime course of action to address what’s wrong with your site and create a map to improve for better SEO performance.


It’s all about preparing and having caution towards the best SEO steps to take, not only to change how your business is being scaled but to also power up the traffic and rankings.


Still thinking why you should have an SEO audit? Well here are the 5 reasons why SEO Audits are important.


Why an SEO audit is important

SEO audits give you a microscopic look towards the position where your business is located. The audit gives useful insight on helping prevent algorithm changes, website errors, optimizing your titles and meta tags as well as outdated content.


War Horse Agency offers top SEO audits meant for all businesses. We easily accommodate a plan that best suits every aspect of your business and boosts its revenue, increases site traffic, rankings and enhances site performance.


Our main objective is to help businesses all around the globe reach a better and most significant SEO performance.



There are many factors to consider before making a  complete SEO change, and for these reasons, we will cover the top 5 reasons why an SEO audit is important! 


1. It saves you time

In the marketing world, time is crucial since changes have to be done quickly otherwise competition will strike. And for many marketing managers, time is no luxury.


Therefore, SEO audits give them a pretty rough sketch and great insight into the next phases and SEO problems they must face, this makes an SEO audit the go-to choice in times like this.


The best recommendation is hiring an SEO audit agency, this way you’ll get to save time on running the audit by yourself, your team will focus on lots of other tasks but most importantly you’ll save money! But how does it work?


Think of an SEO audit as a way to gain pre-knowledge on what your site’s SEO is missing, in an SEO scenario you’ll make changes before even knowing what’s wrong and regret making unwanted changes. 


2. SEO audit will show you how to boost your website’s performance

Taking care of issues and opportunities to improve your site’s SEO score will make a huge difference. 


Many questions come to mind when thinking on how an SEO audit will make a difference but that’s exactly the point. An SEO audit will pinpoint and give yourself a raw and great idea of what the issues on your site are! A well-optimized site is the way to go, and an SEO audit will always make a huge difference in creating more room for better SEO performance.


This might include compressing your website’s photos, making sure the title tags are placed correctly, redirecting broken pages or even including more information that your business was missing.


3. You’ll know what your competitors are doing too!

An SEO audit will also magnify the opportunities your business needs to take to be on top of its competition. In War Horse Agency, we perform full competitor analysis to ensure we have the best recourse and comparisons to make your business be number one!


Having your competitor’s insight will let you know exactly what they are doing, what is boosting their SEO, and what is not working for them as well. And from this information, you’ll know exactly how to improve your company’s marketing and rank on top of your competitors. 


4. SEO audits are an investment

Not every agency will give you the same price for an SEO audit. But they are an investment in your website’s SEO planning.


By investing in a detailed analysis of your business and its website’s health you’ll know the things that need to be improved to scale its performance, its appearance, its marketing strategies, and all of this will add up to a number 1 ranking business, that will deliver more revenue, more customers and an endless scaling growth!


5. SEO audits requires expert people in Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing

Many people stick to traditional marketing strategies, like print mail and ads online. But just think about the future of your business. 


Hiring an SEO audit service will help you gain insight into the advantages and areas of opportunity, and you’ll be able to communicate with your team the next SEO goals to achieve and ensure a more successful business. 


Which SEO audit is best for you?

It’s simple, a professional, budget-friendly, and ROI agency. Let’s be honest, there aren’t many out there that can have all of this. Fortunately, that’s what War Horse Agency is all about. We provide the best SEO audits and give the immensely valuable money you pay for an SEO audit.


Our SEO audit service is a full-service solution with the best social media marketing services, we use the most up-to-date SEO strategies to boost  the visibility of your website in search results. If you wish to learn more about the next steps to get your business to rank on top. 


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