Most business owners will quickly confirm that having on message website design is a must for any business. What many business owners don’t understand is that a great website, and therefore a great sales tool, requires professional website design and a solid digital social media marketing plan to be successful. Marketing professionals can ensure that your company website avoids some of the key mistakes which waste your time and money.

You wouldn’t buy 2” x 3 ½” pieces of paper and hand write your own business cards so why would you use a standard website design template and try to create a site that complements the service or product your company provides? Having a memorable website with a solid call to action about your business specifically, will not only make it stand out to potential customers but it will show them that you are good at what you do but hire others to do a job that is not part of your skill set. It is a subtle message but one that speaks volumes about you, your business and how you conduct business.

Writing your own web content is also a mistake that many business owners make. Knowing the correct information to include on a website, the correct way to deliver the information and the correct voice for the material are all critical factors in developing a professional website.

Many business owners and web designers are convinced that once their website is live on the Internet, it’s done. What they don’t understand is that now that the site is live, the work is just beginning. Keeping the content on a website fresh and unique requires time and effort on a regular basis. If the site is designed to provide information to the public and to clients, then it needs to have regular updates and fresh content to keep clients returning to the site and to keep reoccurring purchasers engaged.

Another similar mistake is in thinking that because your site is live on the Internet, then potential customers will find it. Most consumers start an Internet search at a search engine where they enter a few words, key words. The sites which consistently have the best ratings and are listed the highest on the results are the site which have been created using SEO keywords. Search engine optimization ensures that your website will communicate quickly and clearly with the search engines that consumers are using. Better SEO means better placement on the search results which will translate into more traffic and more business via your website.

Many business owners also forget to use other means to promote their website. Never assume that customers will visit your website.Focus on driving customers to your website by mentioning it during phone call, send out promotional mail and literature about your website and mentioning it to all customers and potential customers you meet or speak to. Traffic to your site will help to build credibility and improve your location on search engine results.

High quality web design is equally as important as any other professionally designed marketing material. A professionally managed digital marketing strategy will ensure that your website is attracting traffic, search engines are selecting your website and potential customers are learning about your company, your professionalism and why your business stands out from the rest of your industry.

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