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A Comprehensive Guide to International SEO Strategy

If you want your business to compete globally, then it’s essential to consider an international SEO strategy. What is an international SEO strategy? It’s the process of instructing search engines that you are targeting specific countries and languages, enabling them to identify which regions you wish to target. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how this works, and why your business needs it! 


How Does International SEO Work? 

International SEO requires an understanding of the different ways in which search engines function across different countries. The way people search is often impacted by language, culture, and even their level of technological development. To succeed internationally, you need to recognize these differences and know how they impact search engine results. 


The first step in developing an international SEO strategy is setting up a cross-border URL structure. This means selecting either a subdomain or subfolder approach for hosting localized language content. Subdomains are effective when there are multiple versions of the website with distinct content that needs to be hosted separately from each other. On the other hand, subfolders are ideal for when there are multiple versions of the same website with similar content targeted at different markets. 


It’s also important to select a domain name for each market you plan on targeting. For example, if you have an English-language site intended for US customers, then .com is likely your best option; if you have a French-language site intended for Canadian customers then .ca would be better suited; and so on. This will ensure that potential customers can easily find your website in their language and region without having to go through too many steps or type in complicated keywords or phrases. 


Content Creation & Localization 

Creating content tailored towards specific countries or regions is another key component of any successful international SEO campaign. This includes adapting existing content as well as creating new content specifically tailored to each market you plan on targeting. Content should be written in the target country’s native language (or dialect) and ideally by someone who understands both the language and culture of that particular area or region. This will help ensure that potential customers can relate to what your website has to offer them, as well as improve its visibility in local search engine rankings due to increased relevance and engagement from locals who understand it better than non-locals might be able to do so otherwise. 



International SEO strategy is essential for businesses looking to expand their reach beyond their borders into new markets around the world to which they might not have previously had access before now! By setting up URLs correctly according to region, selecting domain names catered towards each market, customizing content according to region/culture/language—as well as utilizing localization techniques—you can make sure your business stands out amongst its competitors within these new markets while also ensuring it remains visible and relevant within local searches! In short, no matter what kind of business you run—from eCommerce stores down to small mom & pop shops—making sure that international SEO strategy forms part of your overall digital marketing plan can only bring benefits!

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