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War Horse Agency is your total solution for online advertising and professional internet development. We specialize in helping businesses brand themselves by playing to their unique strengths. There is no other company out there that can compare to the expertise we have, especially when it comes to your business – at the price level that we offer.

Here is a bit about why we’re different:

In the world of internet marketing and website design, there are several key factors that come into light. Website development, marketing campaigns, and integration are impertinent to attaining the very best results online to drive traffic and customers to your business. Most companies that you would contract for these services handle one or two of these areas, but not all. Here at War Horse Agency, a division of Jones Capital Holdings LLC, we offer a full suite of internet marketing and advertising solutions, such as pay-per-click ad management, search engine optimization, social media marketing, copy writing and article publishing, among several other services that all integrate together. We have been involved with software programming, graphics, and computer technology for over 20 years. Choose a company that does it all. Choose War Horse Agency.

Here is some insight into our mission:

Our mission is simply to create the most amazing, user-friendly, web marketing solution for your organization, at a reasonable rate. In today’s web environment, marketing is “who you are.” At War Horse Agency the most important thing for us to do with your business is showcase your individuality. Separating your business from your competition is one of the main reasons people will buy from you. We are dedicated to making sure your website and advertising stand out from the crowd. There is no other business exactly like yours, so why shouldn’t we show people that? Play to your unique strengths with War Horse Agency.


War Horse Agency is dedicated to providing you with the latest in advertising technology. As the founder, I have dedicated my life to computer technology and leverage my abilities and leadership for your success. I have spent over 20 years in computer graphics and programming, as well as hold an Associate of Science Degree in Computer Technologies. I also hold a certificate in Web Design User Interface, and Computer Applications and am a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Let us show you how easy we are to do business with.

Brandon M. Jones

CEO, War Horse Agency