Web Design Mistakes To Avoid


Think of your website as your only sales person. They are normally the first substantial contact a potential customer has with your business. Right or wrong, that salesperson is what your customers will judge to formulate an opinion about your business. With that in mind, you demand that the salesperson be prompt, tidy, personable and knowledgeable. In short, you want that person to project a very positive image for himself or herself, as well as for your company. The same is true of your website, only it is judged on a different criteria. Avoiding just a few key web design mistakes will ensure that your website is providing maximum return on investment and converting potential customers into satisfied customers.

Boring Call to Action Button
The information and material on your landing page is the first opportunity that you have to grab a potential customer’s attention and interest. A great photo will draw attention but then the call to action must be clear and easy to follow. A box that asks guests to enter their email address isn’t going to get much attention unless it explains to customers why they need to enter their email address. But if above the box it says, “Sign up to get” and then just about anything, most consumers will quickly provide their email.

No “Logo – Website” Connection & Inconsistency
When you are just starting a business, there is a huge list of tasks to complete and most of them have some cost attached to them. It’s easy to decide to save a few bucks and design your own logo but that could be a costly mistake. There is more to marketing than just a logo. It is important to develop a brand and to adopt guidelines from the inception of your website. This will create a uniform look throughout the site, one which the guests will come to associate with you and your site. It will also help you to tie in your social media posts as they will conform to your brand guidelines and web development and design.

Readability Issues
It doesn’t matter what information is on your website if no one is willing to read it. Nothing turns readers away faster than line after line of tiny print. It’s hard to read and it seems to go on forever. When designing your brand, select an easy to read font and use at least 16px. Write in short, concise sentences and align the text to the left. Use bold to draw attention to important information and remember that the captions under images are the most read part of any page, as the picture draws immediate attention.

Navigation & UX Issues
Designing your landing page requires a little thought to make it effective. You want visitors to quickly see what you want them to do, buy, sign up for or join. Placing the most important information, such as your call to action, centered near the top of the screen will draw the most attention and get the results that you are looking for. Bold text can indicate that this information is the most important. Then follow that message with the less crucial information in the lower portion of the page. Also be conscious of scrolling pop ups and other “features” that might actually be detracting from the users experience. If your site is annoying or hard to navigate then they will simply find another site. Avoid these few key mistakes and your website will become a great tool to convert guests to satisfied customers.

In conclusion, you are better off leaving web design to the specialists that know how to setup your site, in such a way that brings in potential clients. War Horse Agency is that specialist which will be your guide and take you through the Digital Marketing Jungle. We invite you to fill out a Digital Marketing Evaluation, which will then determine how we can help you reach your goals.

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