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Be Creative!

There has always been a constant debacle on what career path is ideal. For ages now, traditional individuals have frowned upon the people who chose creative career paths like being a painter or a musician. It is believed that choosing something in the scientific or technical field is better and more practical because financial stability is much more guaranteed.

If you’re at the said crossroads, this article is going to talk about why you cannot dismiss the importance of being creative. In fact, if there is a perfect time to be creative, it is now.

The difficulty level of being a creative

The belief that a creative career won’t put food on the table is outdated. Decades ago, the demand for art is quite low. Only well-off individuals can afford it which is why the competition is tough. Before, it was also difficult to rise as an artist if you are not associated with a family that is renowned for art. Nowadays, art styles have evolved and no longer strictly follow the realism format that used to be so favorable. Art has branched into many different types, which means that it is more open to everyone.

The demand for art nowadays is also greater than before. Art is seen practically everywhere and can even be classified as a necessity. A good example is social media digital marketing, which is heavily reliant on using graphics to leave a good impression on potential clients. Art is needed now more than ever. It is so important that it is a good choice for a career.

Now is the perfect time to be creative

With the progression of technology, practically everyone is connected online through their mobile phones. Over the past decade, online content consumption has risen from a few hours a week to a whopping 11 hours per day. With that statistic, it can be concluded that any target audience can be reached through the internet. That’s exactly the reason why a lot of businesses no longer have physical stores and are online, instead.

Because of these online transactions, more and more creatives are needed to handle digital advertising needs. Artists are needed to create digital art for slogans and posters. Musicians are needed to compose musical scores for advertisements. Producers are needed to enhance pre-existing songs. The list goes on and on, and it concludes that pursuing a creative career serves a dual purpose — it satisfies your dreams and it is financially practical.

Creative careers have nowhere else to go, but up

With the onset of technology and the prevalence of social media, it is unlikely that the industry will fail anytime soon. This means that as more people go online, the competition gets more intense to come up with creative digital marketing strategies to attract people’s attention. The best part is that being creative doesn’t stop at advertising. It is actually more achievable now than ever before. If you want to be a performing artist, it is no longer necessary to find an agent that will get you on TV — you can just start your own YouTube channel and have your own shows. You can channel your inner creative writer and write an ebook that you can publish online for everyone’s consumption. With the help of a website design agency and its website designers, the possibilities are endless! This basically concludes that there is no need to fear pursuing the creative career path because realistically speaking, it is actually ideal in this time and age.