Digital video is a new segment of marketing and should receive the same careful planning, creation and implementation as any other form of advertising. With smart phones and tablets in the hands of almost all consumers, it is important to set your video production apart from the masses with careful planning. Following a few tips and guidelines will ensure that your ad gets traction and is recognized as a worthy video that is liked and shared across the internet.

First, have a specific goal for your video just as you would for any other advertisement. If you want it to generate interest and create more sales, then use a strong call to action. If you have many products to promote, then consider a series of videos so that each one can focus on a specific item or product line. Make sure that the purpose of each video is clear and that it adds value to your plan or campaign.

You want to use video production to enhance and boost the value of your printed material and all phases of your marketing plan. Integrate videos into the entire scope of your campaign to tie the plan together and provide unity throughout your advertising. Finding unique and creative ways to blend your videos into your entire campaign will give it a new dimension and increase the interest of your potential customers.

Just like in any phase of your business, you get what you pay for. High quality, professional video production will take your video marketing to the next level. Sure, there are kids who have been shooting videos and playing with editing software since before they even understood all of the features. But what they don’t have is the marketing skill, education and experience to blend the tone and voice of your videos to match the rest of your marketing plan. Youth brings with it a great ambition and drive but it also is saddled with tunnel vision. Less life experiences and a single perspective mean that a young person will create a video that meets his or her expectations and interests. If you are selling only to that demographic, it might work, but appreciate the value added by a professional in the field of video production and marketing. Let a professional speak for your company as an authority in your industry and not just as the cool kid. Cool only lasts for a brief moment in time, but professionalism is eternal and will continue to be respected long after the next fad or hip idea has grabbed the spotlight.

Social media marketing and PR go hand in hand today. Press releases and optimized content will get your material in front of millions of potential customers. Make sure that your message is clear and that potential customers can easily click on your links and follow your call to action.

Building brand identity is now about more than repeating your product name ten times during a sixty second video. Consumers want to see quality video and they want to be entertained while they learn about your business or product. Finding a way to present your information in a unique and creative way will ensure that views stay interested and that they remember your video. Repetition can get boring and views have literally millions of other choices. Keep your viewer engaged and interested with high quality, professional video production for maximum return on your marketing dollars.

Here at War Horse Agency we have a proven track record for producing engaging and quality marketing videos that will captivate your targeted audience. Weather you need an explainer video or an on going video marketing campaign we are here to get you to your goals. Contact us today and see your brand engagement skyrocket.

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