Credibly VIP

About Credibly VIP

Credibly VIP is a digital business card platform that connects and shares company and personal contact information with business partners, clients, or family and friends using QR codes and NFC technology. The brand’s target audience, on the other hand, includes business owners, human resources, and salespeople. Credibly VIP provides a fully contactless experience to help people conquer any new problems and expand professional relationships. Users can customize the digital business card according to their brands and needs, each with different information for different uses.
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No social media presence as Credibly VIP has no social media accounts on any social media platform.


To connect and get organic reach with entrepreneurs and get higher website traffic.


Credibly VIP has built an online presence for potential targets. Content and engagement have been presented to entrepreneurs and freelancers as a digital business card platform.





Consistent posts

We continually and consistently create and post content on a daily and weekly basis.

Post Insta Stories

We continually and consistently create and post stories on a weekly basis.


We employ geotagging as part of our targeted strategy to make our visitors or audience aware of where the company is mostly operating.