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Social Media Case Study

Granny Craft

About Granny Craft

Granny Craft provides a variety of prepared crafts and activity kits for Seniors that our seniors will enjoy. The brand believes that activities are an important part of a seniors’ daily routine to keep their mind healthy and strong. Granny Crafts make sure to give fun and engaging craft activities for elderly people by providing instructional videos and direction for them to follow along.


No social media presence as Granny Craft has no social media accounts on any social media platform.


To connect (organic) with social activity directors, caregivers, front-line heroes, or any staff member that has any interaction with the seniors in their assisted living facility.


Granny Craft has developed customer relationships and built an online presence for potential targets. Content and engagement have been presented to Senior living services as providers of prepared art materials for facilities activities.





Consistent posts

We continually and consistently create and post content on a daily and weekly basis.

Post Insta Stories

We continually and consistently create and post stories on a weekly basis.


We employ geotagging as part of our targeted strategy to make our visitors or audience aware of where the company is mostly operating.