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How to Close Media and Creative Gap

Media remains to be the most effective means to advertise one’s business. In this technological era where everything is online, the competition is tougher than ever. You only have a few seconds to leave a good impression on your online visitor. You have to reel them in by being interesting and to be able to convert these views into quantifiable sales.

Since that is the most effective strategy, more and more businesses are using desperate measures to get online visitors and as a consequence, their creativity is compromised. Some resort to clicking baiting or producing mainstream digital marketing content that is not even reflective of the company’s basic principles. Here are a few tips on how to close the media and creative gap:

Unified Optimization

The first step to bridging this gap is by unifying the creative and media optimization. This basically means optimizing both aspects so as to not compromise one or the other. You may utilize multivariate technology to test which of your creative or media campaigns perform the best in terms of increasing audience interaction and your online visitors. Once you can isolate which ones perform the best, you can distribute them across publishers to best match your target audience, which should have you, potential clients.

After you have identified which campaigns have the best performance, it is time to focus on the improvement of your overall impact. The next step is to continue to test creatives. These must be checked if they are still performing well. Once they start to decline, they should be removed and replaced. The new creative campaigns must also be tested for performance.

Some of your creative campaigns will perform better on specific platforms. For instance, photos and graphics publications naturally perform well on all social media. Very aesthetically-pleasing photos that fit a certain niche will do well on Instagram. Lengthy posts are more suitable on Facebook. Short videos can perform well anywhere, but longer ones should be placed on Youtube. Regularly test your campaigns and assess where they perform best.

Once the allocation is finalized, they should be optimized periodically. You can boost your Facebook and Instagram posts by paying to have it reach more audiences. You can customize the reach by selecting specific demographics. On Instagram, be sure to use the appropriate hashtags to be seen by your target audience. You can also seek help from an effective social media marketing agency that provides the best social media marketing services and search engine optimization services.

Closing the creative and media gap takes a lot of factors into play, but the general conclusion is to stick with the digital marketing strategy that works the best and discard the ones that are ineffective.