Call or Email

How to Determine When to Use Call or Email in Making a Sale?

In a business just like in a social media digital marketing business, there are different methods used to reach prospects. Finding an effective strategy for your company will help boost your investment and income. Even companies that are big today started small and used different ways to reach their clients.  So, whether it is through sending an email or calling a prospect client, it is important to choose the right one for your business.

Call Or Email, Which Strategy Is Effective?

These two methods are the most used when it comes to marketing and reaching out to customers and prospects. To help you decide whether to use call or email here are some factors to consider:

The Right Timing

If you are going to call a prospect, consider the time and day. Calls during work hours are usually ignored. But, if you call a little later in the day, at around 3 pm onwards, there is a higher chance of getting answered. You should also consider the time zone and the place of the person you are calling.

If you do not get a response via phone, you can always leave a voice message. Usually, these are checked later in the day, after work or during the evening.

In contrast, if you will be sending an email it is best to send it more frequent. But, you also have to consider that the person you are sending it to might be at work or in a meeting. If they have free time, they would briefly check their phone for new emails. In this case, make sure that when he opens his phone your message is on top and not buried under other emails.

However, you also do not want to send too many emails, because you will appear spammy and unprofessional. You have to send your email in the perfect timing. Usually, people would check their phones during lunch or break time.

What is Your Purpose?

This is the reason why you are trying to reach the prospect. Is it because you want to schedule a meeting, discuss the product in depth or ask few questions? If it is a big thing you have to contact them through phone, but if it is something small like a simple question, then an email will do. We have to value the time of our prospects. If it is something simple and not urgent, we do not have to take up much of their time by calling them. Send an email instead.

Consider Your Prospects

If your prospect is a busy person who is always on the go or traveling, expect that it will be difficult to get an answer through a phone. You should send them an email. These people are usually lesser level professionals.

It is said that the higher the status of your prospect, the higher chance that you will be answered. When you call, the person you want may not answer. It could be another person such as an assistant or someone who is in the managerial level. If it is on a higher position take advantage and lay down your offer.

Another, younger buyers and millennials usually prefer emails. But, traditional businesses and companies are more accustomed to phone calls.

Success in a business does not come in an instant. If you need assistance with your business, we, at Go War Horse, will be happy to help you. For more inquiries contact us now. See how we have helped businesses like yours win the race.