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Most Engaging Social Media Marketing Content Ideas for 2018

Want to have ideas on how you will grow your followers in social media and social media marketing? The substantial thing about these set of ideas is that they can be used and re-purposed in a different way from the different point of view, be creative and think out of the box!

1. Memes

Memes are well known in today’s generation that shows a photo, a short video or GIF with a funny, inspiring, shocking captions. It is known as a symbol or social idea that is spread from one person to another virally. We can tell that memes are popular indeed! But when you use memes for your business marketing strategy make sure that they will fit your brand and use them without offending or annoying your audience or violating other trademark rights. Always the number one rule, if you decide to use memes make sure that they are appealing to your target audience. Always put in mind that you can also create your own memes, being unique is better!

2. Giveaways and Taggings

I bet that free stuff will excite your social media followers. Who does not want to have something free? It is one of the best ways of spreading brand awareness about your business and have your audience roused, that means more sales! You can maximize your reach by engaging your followers to tag a friend to get giveaways to further spread the word.It is a great way to grow your followers and you social media marketing services. Also, consider trying a promotion that is based on a current event or season that will appeal to your audience.

3. Posting Questions or Ideas

You get ideas from your audience so that you don’t have to be the only one sharing on your digital social media marketing accounts. You can ask them to share their own ideas or content relevant to your post, by doing this, you can start engaging to your audience and have a real conversation with them that make them feel that you are not just selling. Getting them involved can make real connections with your customers.

4. Posting Customer’s Photos

You can start to build a community on your brand by using a hashtag and tagging your customers. You can encourage them to use hashtags when they engage with your items. Reposting the post of your customer is also a good way of showing your appreciation and you are reinforcing them your credibility by letting people see that other people are using your products.

For you to increase your reach and effectiveness always make a plan and focus on your target audience. It is not easy to come up with something new and fresh to keep your audience interested, but giving time and effort can grow your brand shares and conversions!

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