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How to Establish Digital Presence Without Depending on Google

Many business websites are too reliant on Google nowadays. However, there are instances in which a website would not pass the Google algorithm. Once Google drops your website it would greatly affect your business and revenue. In the same manner, when a website violates Google’s rules, it will be penalized and worse becomes unsearchable in the search engine.

To avoid such hassles, the best thing to do is to diversify your techniques. This will help you dramatically increase your website traffic. And, with this strategy, you can stand alone without relying on Google. By implementing real and bona fide marketing strategies this will help you build reliable and solid assets.

Helpful Ideas to Improve Digital Presence

  1. Personal Branding   –    If you want to improve your social media digital marketing presence you must think of better ways to do it. People won’t remember your website even if it ranks first on the Google SERPs. But, they will remember you through the things associated with you. Likewise, through your values and perspective.

Personal branding is a digital social media marketing strategy. It can help in increasing your digital presence. All you have to do is, to be honest with your target audience. This way, people won’t only follow you, but also subscribe to your content or blog posts. Likewise, they will also bookmark your website.

The advantage of using personal branding for digital marketing is that it helps to build relationships. You can start by letting people know about your product or service offered. Becoming active on social media is also a good way to start.

  1. Improve Your Content   –    To stop depending on Google, yet boost your digital presence, you need to level up your content. Make sure that your content transcends Search Engine Optimization and follow link strategies. Your content must include images or informative and interesting infographics. You can also encourage your followers to engage in a discussion.
  2. Create Conversations. Another digital social media marketing strategy that can help to improve your digital presence is creating conversations. You can leave a comment on social media posts, forums, videos, and blog posts of other people. But, make sure that your comment is relevant.

Act like an expert when exchanging opinions on a particular topic. This will be the key to attract people towards your niche. Make them feel that you are capable enough to give advice.

  1. Use Innovative Social Media Posts, Chatbots, And Apps   –    The Millenials are a group of people who are commonly online most of the time. They’re not only avid internet users, but they’re also tech-savvy. You can use some digital marketing strategy that can attract the attention of this group. This will spare you from depending on Google.

Millennials are using shopping apps, watching digital videos, and comparing prices online. They have been utilizing social media platform to search for information. With this, it’s important to identify what these people are expecting. By integrating apps and chatbots on your website, it will get you more exposures in social media.

Google is a vehicle for online marketing. But, those digital marketing strategy discussed above can make you thrive in the digital marketing world outside Google.  For more information contact us today. See how we have helped businesses like yours win the race.