Four Important Digital Marketing Trends for Freelancers

Digital marketing is one of the most diverse industries. Every now and then, it is hit by an innovation that can cause simply to drastic change. Digital marketing trends are exciting to watch because this world revolves around fast-paced changes.

Digital marketing jobs for freelancers have a dramatic increase of about 106% in Elance alone. In fact, clients from UK businesses rose to about 124%. Hiring online freelancers to handle digital marketing roles is a trend that experienced significant growth over the past few years.

Even though some of 2018’s greatest digital marketing trends are going to stay, here are the four important digital marketing trends for freelancers and what they should look forward to this 2019. Studies show that UK clients are more reliant in hiring freelancers for their digital marketing campaigns. And a large number of digital marketing professionals in the UK are offering their service for freelance needs not just for the local clients but also for international companies.

These four trends have been circulating in the digital marketing trends and will continuously improve this year so freelancers should really keep an eye on this trend.

Artificial intelligence at its finest

Many industries are making the most out of artificial intelligence by incorporating it in different aspects of work. Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing digital marketing. With its ability to collect, analyze and apply data- artificial intelligence is changing the digital marketing world for good.

As artificial intelligence continues to improve, its capabilities advances and changing digital marketing strategies for good.

Personalization at its best

These days, the audience wants more connection. Gone are the days when marketers focus on the profit or possible sale and set aside the importance of knowing what customer wants. The modern day digital marketing should aim to make the customers the center of the project. After all, customers are the ones you need to target not just for sales but also for their brand loyalty that offers better benefits.

Utilizing voice that matters

In digital marketing, the feedback of the customers or audience is vital for the continuous improvement of the business. This trend is interrelated to personalization as their feedback will be based on how you treated the customers.

For instance, if a customer loves the brand but had a negative experience with your store representative, this can affect his overall rating for the company. The customer’s loyalty to the brand is still satisfied but his trust for the store staffs may decline.

Ads that target audience specifically

Since artificial intelligence was used in digital marketing, it helps to improve ads that are now created to specifically target a certain audience. The ads are highly targeted and are more likely converted to customers that will turn to sales and brand loyalty in the long run.

The ads are published with a specific target or goals in mind. As a result, the type of ad created is specific to the profile of the target customers. In that manner, the customers feel that your company knows and values them more than just treating them as a source of sales. This gives the sense of trust to your brand turning to a long term investment.