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Guide to Creating a Killer Social Media Plan

Even if you’re just starting out on your journey as an entrepreneur or looking to branch out your digital profile to other channels, having a solid social media plan is critical to your success. Here are some steps you can use to increase your value, increase conversions and elevate your business to a different level of success.

Planning is Everything

This is particularly true for e-commerce businesses. Not only is the competition stiff, there’s a lot of noise where your potential leads can easily get lost in all that. The plethora of choices available in the market can ‘dilute’ your presence and you can end up just like any other brand.

Step #1: Goal setting

As you know, you can’t chase two bunnies at the same time. Simplifying your goals such as your target market, the kind of services you’ll be offering and branding you’d want to portray are some of the key elements to creating a successful social media plan. In measuring your marketing efforts and success, avoid going for vanity measures such as re-tweets and Facebook likes. Go for actual measurements like leads, followers, and conversions as part of your social media digital marketing strategy.

Step #2: Create social media accounts and optimize them

It’s a jungle out there and you could easily get lost from all those platforms. To keep things simple, look into channels that you can make the most out of.  For example, you’re selling physical products, Instagram and Pinterest might be good platforms to showcase this. Don’t spread yourself too thinly. Go for one or two channels where you think your business can grow best. One way to get a wider reach is to cross-promote your social accounts. If you have Facebook posts, you can also mention to them that they can also follow you on Instagram. This makes it easier to incorporate various accounts into your social media plan.  

Step #3: Get inspired

If you’re unsure about this step of your social media marketing strategy, try looking into brands that you feel resonates with what you are trying to portray. Look into the content they are posting and see how they perform. From here you can create content that’s unique for your brand. You can also look into how your audience engages with the content you post to see which works best.

Step #4: If it’s not on the calendar, it’s not happening

Build the discipline and consistency by adding this to your calendar. Momentum will keep you going against your competition’s advances. Your calendar should have these four elements: frequency of postings, types of content to post, how your posts will generate engagement and inform, how your post will help you achieve goals.

Step #5: Measure your progress

In order to measure your progress, you can make use of UTM codes or Google Analytics to check if your campaigns are making a profit. This is a process of constant testing, learning and revamping to help you grow an entrepreneur.

Discipline is the key to the success of your social media marketing plan. Once you get the hang of the consistency, everything will just go with the flow. Take the initiative.

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