Online Marketing Go Warhorse


To many consumers, online advertising is a necessary evil. It pops up and blocks their view to something that they had requested or chosen to look at. Or it delays their ability to see what they are looking for due to lagging load times it causes. None of this is going to encourage a consumer to look at, or appreciate, the material that has been thrown in their face. It is the internet equivalent of interrupting someone who is speaking to you face to face. It is internet rudeness. Avoiding this type of rude behavior when online advertising is key to your success.

Think of your website as a sales person for your business. You want a sales person to be polite and provide potential clients with a positive experience. You also want your website, social media marketing services, and your online advertising to create that same positive experience for your potential clients. You don’t want your online advertising to rudely block the information that a consumer has visited your website to learn. You don’t want it to blink, flash or pulse annoyingly bright colors to grab their attention like a screaming child on an airplane. And you don’t want it to impede a consumer’s ability to navigate through your site to complete their desired goal. You want your online advertising to respectfully offer your potential customer an option that they might not have thought of on their own. It’s a gently nudge to check out more information or offerings in addition to what they came to your site looking for.

Being honest with your potential customer is as important coming from your online advertising as it would be coming from your sales person. In person, you would never drag a customer off to show them an item that they specifically said they didn’t want or force them to look at three other items before you reward them with the coupon that you promised them. So don’t mislead your customers with your online advertising. If the pop up says click for a discount coupon, then don’t make them click on five more pages to chase down the discount. Provide the discount easily and clearly so that they feel respected, valued and rewarded. Something as simple as doing what your online advertising promises the customer it will do is a huge way to build a virtual relationship of trust and respect with a consumer. Now they are more likely to spend additional time exploring your site and will be much more willing to click on additional online advertising on your site.

Finally, don’t insult your guest’s intelligence with random online advertising that has nothing to do with their current interest. If a consumer is conducting research for a high end car, they most likely don’t want to learn about a discount bail bondsman in Toledo. A consumer has chosen to visit your website to gain information or to purchase a product and that shows trust and respect for your site and or your product. Show the same respect with you online advertising and don’t try to distract the consumer as you would a restless child with a slight of hand trick.

Online advertising doesn’t need to be an annoying or insulting to a customer. It can be a polite way to engage a customer, offer additional information and enhance a consumers experience with your website. Simply keep your online advertising as polite and respectful as you would if you were speaking to them in person.

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