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The Website re:HAB 2020 Podcast

As a bootstrap entrepreneur, our host Digital Marketing Guru and Senior Marketing Analyst Brandon Jones knows first-hand what it is like to build something great out of something new. Listen to our ‘Website re:HAB 2020’ show and hear local Arizona entrepreneurship adventures while our amazing guests give us a peek into their business models and the challenges they face in a rapidly-changing world.

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Website re:HAB 2020 featuring Craig from Conquer Your Now

Here in episode #2 we sit with Craig from Conquer Your Now. This compelling story was amazing to be a part of! Join us as we talk about Craig’s life journey and how his videography business turned from a college project to a full-fledged movement. After suffering great losses and tragedies, Craig shows us what it takes to stay positive, overcome illness and keep your head up during the roughest of times in order to succeed.

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Brandon Jones

Brandon Jones

A Digital Marketing Guru and Senior Marketing Analyst. Who can manage digital creation and campaign objectives such as content/messaging strategy, multi-touch media plans using custom audience geotargeting, and can flawlessly execute global marketing campaigns including cross-channel content/consumer experience, online reviewing, through to editing and approvals end-to-end.

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