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Project Management Using Google Sheet

Nobody requires project management tools more than digital companies. Planning, forecasting market trends, strategizing etc., needs to be done the right way to stay updated on the current market trends. While software companies provide sophisticated apps like Trello to handle your workflow, there is a way to efficiently undertake project management using Google Sheets.

Project management plays a vital role in digital marketing. Moreover, written digital planning can largely help the organization control and coordinate its marketing campaigns and allow for a smooth workflow. Having said that, there are a few pointers you need to follow before you step in to start scheduling your workflow using Google Sheets.

Don’t pack all your data into one sheet

Don’t design your spreadsheet in a way that makes you unable to track down your activities in a systematic manner. Don’t fall under the tempt to design an all function master project management sheet. It can make your sheet look like a dump yard. Backtracking data will also become difficult. Always keep your sheets light and specified to one particular task. This way you can organize important data into one specific sheet.

  1. Declare one sheet as a hub
    Ordaining one sheet as a hub is very critical while organizing data. This can happen for two reasons. One is to keep your data clean. In order to hold important client data, you need to include a master sheet. This will allow you to access all the information regarding the client.
    Next is to allow ease of reporting. Use the use the importance function to pull data back into your hub. This will help you pull essential data back to the main sheet.
  2. Go beyond the spreadsheet
    Not all processes need to be automated using Google Sheets. If you are under the illusion that you can use a single spreadsheet to handle most of your work, then you are wrong. While spreadsheets do offer the required tools to automate a certain process, every process needn’t be automated.
  3. Trigger the next step
    There is always someone who needs to know about the type of data you store. Therefore, triggering the next step can help pass on data to someone who wants to review it. You can use onEdit triggers by Google Apps to add triggers to your sheet.

If you follow these guidelines, you can use Google sheets to manage and coordinate various streams of data. With each sheet performing a specific task, a search engine optimization agency is utilizing it to strategize social media digital marketing.

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