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Is Your Website Isn’t Optimized For Mobile?

  • Try a responsive web design that offers an optimized browsing experience that is user-friendly.
  • Aimed to provide an optimal viewing experience easy to read and navigate.
  • Increase in Mobile Traffic and give your site a better SEO.

A Truly Award Winning Design

The main benefit is that users who have a better browsing experience are more likely to visit your business, and visit your website again.

Media Queries

 Fluid grids, media queries represent a cornerstone technology behind responsive web design determine the size of the screen a visitor is using to access it.

Responsive Images and Media

Modern websites include a lot of media such as images and videos. All the images and media files become flexible on any type of screen scale.

Fluid Grids

Scale depending on the size of the user’s screen and make sure that all page elements follow suit.Web Design Simple responsive grids were developed to aid designers and developers in website design.

Responsive Website Design

In todays responsive web design world that continues to be more true than every before. The website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities.

Very easy to implement and manage. Being the fastest website development that providing a mobile version of your site that looks great in any aspects. Lower bounce rate and give your site a better SEO.

Latest News

Responsive website design has been gaining in popularity now and then, a mobile friendly website that will be the king in boosting Google Search engine rank in 2015.


4J Company

This 4J Company came to gowarhorse looking for a complete branding overhaul. With multiple product and services, 4J Company wanted a responsive website that match their ambitious goals. In addition they wanted their new site to have a sort of responsive pages. A responsive web design
from gowarhorse was the perfect solution. Offering clients multiple opportunities,
the responsive design included calls to action on almost every page available on every device imaginable.

Gowarhorse provided the best and awesome icons and images with a clean visual effects. This tells us that what we are doing worked and that people actually want to stay on the site, and click into the inner pages, creating more opportunities for leads.

Next, lets take a look at the Average site duration improvements. Site visit times are upon desktop by 158.23%, tablet by 257.69%, and mobile by 57.12%. Again telling us that the site is, at the very least, more visually appealing, more interactive and (especially on tablets) easier to use.

The last statistic, and possibly the most important one, that we’ll look at is 4J’s bounce rate improvements. Bounce rates were reduced by 27.08% on desktop, 31.28% on tablet, and 11.32% on mobile. These are pretty awesome numbers that indicate to us that the design is on the whole more appealing, enticing users to click around the site more and visit more
pages, which in turn are creating more opportunities to turn those visits into conversions.

This responsive design has improved the potential for leads generated through 4J’s website by leaps and bounds and helps us to emphasize the point that a responsive web design is of paramount importance when considering building a new website.

I can’t never go wrong in choosing responsive website design, my site went from old to “FANTASTIC” such an awesome idea love how it looks like in different mobile and desktop scale.


I was inspired by a friend of mine, at first I can’t believe but when I tried this responsive website design it gives me more livelier website that I can used in the next 5 years and so.


Landing Page Owner