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Retail Store Without Retail?

The dwindling industry of retail stores has been crippled mainly by technology itself. More and more stores have been closing their doors for the last time. The dominance of e-commerce sites in today’s time chokes the opportunities for physical retail stores to keep up with their rivals.

Nevertheless, a new digital social media marketing strategy has been gaining ground on combating this dilemma. The frontrunner for this strategy is none other than Nordstrom. They have launched Nordstrom Local which uses the basic principles of an e-commerce site but utilizing this to refocus the attention to retail stores.

Basically, the concept is integrated into an e-commerce website which has the ability to access stores and their inventory. And in addition to this, services are also included with the site which anybody can avail at their leisure. After choosing products or services, you can either pick up the items at the stores or have the chosen services done at their stores.

The challenge is to devise a social media digital marketing plan to encompass the essence of the brand, creating the same level of experience as with walking to the physical store. This should be reflecting the streamlined experience with only a few clicks within a site. It also should be uncomplicated enough to receive effective engagements but also dynamic that the user is pulled into the whole experience. 

To have a comparative perspective, let’s have Norstrom Local’s site as an example. Nordstrom has been the go-to place to buy products, hang out and the name itself is very nostalgic. With their transition to the digital scale, they have retained the same brand recognition and its spirit. That is why their current engagements are still mainly former customers with new additions.

Companies such as Nordstrom have saved tons of money by reducing manpower and save inventory since physical stores require minimal staff and stocks of products. It also aids in maximizing brand exposure for affiliated stores and/or services. In hand with this, the demographic has increased and is diversified since a longer reach of an audience has been attained.

To achieve longevity, businesses should keep their minds open to new strategies especially in the field of digital marketing. In a digital age, one cannot compete without embracing technology and mold it to your advantage and achieving good website development.

With our company, we diligently research and analyze the different techniques in marketing that are effective for your chosen clientele. We continue to bring fresh ideas and improve on previous strategies to gain more engagements for your business.

Our goal for you is creating certain platforms to reach a wider audience increasing your profits considerably. We also keep an eye out for technological advancements that are constantly popping up that can be applied to benefit your brand. We have also strived to improve our own brand to the level that you would be proud to have represented you. 

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