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Signs of Mega- Trend Marketing for 2019

Marketing will never go out of style no matter what happened. That’s a fact! It will change from time to time but it will stay as one of the best ways to know your target market and how to effectively reach them.

Every year, marketers face different trends that they can use to make the business succeed. Here, we round up the signs of mega-trend marketing for 2019 to guide you in choosing which strategy will work great for your business no matter what industry you’re in.

Personalize email to match customer profiles

This 2019, most, if not all audience will show that they’re tired of communicating with bot-like business representatives. It’s time to step up the game by personalizing your email responses making sure that the target audience feels confident that they’re in touch with a real human. This 2019, overhaul the email templates you have in a file and make sure that every message is personally crafted to match the profile of the intended recipient. Make the customers feel that they’re in touch with a passionate staff willing to make their experience top notch.  

Social stories will conquer 2019

Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Facebook’s My Day have one thing in common- raw. These platforms show what happens behind the scene may it be with their favorite actors, models or even beauty brands.  These platforms act as a channel that allows the audience to get a glimpse of what’s happening with their favorites behind the glamorous success. If you haven’t already, make sure to check these and see for yourself how you can integrate a 15-second behind the scene videos in your digital marketing strategy.

Collaborate with the right social media influencers

This 2019, expect intense collaboration with influencers who can promote your brand or business. Collaboration has been a big hit since 2016 and it will continue to help businesses grow even more. But, this year, it is important to choose who will be your social media influencers. Even though they are all over the place, not all social media influencers have the same power and audience reach. Thus, being wise in choosing is very important.  Keep in mind to check the social media influencer’s engagement reports to help you determine if he’s the right fit for the brand or campaign.

The efficient and straightforward response will help

Gone are the days when people have the time and patience to wait for a response within 24-48 hours to know some information regarding a product inquiry. This 2019, everyone prefers a fast, efficient and detailed response as soon as possible. Thus, keep in mind that your customers’ time is as precious as yours.

This year, train your customer service team to be fast and reliable when it comes to answering queries. Incorporating chatbots can also help boost the overall customer service experience.

In conclusion, 2019 will be a fun and exciting year for marketers with this megatrends to look forward to. Make sure that your business is ready to overtake and conquer 2019 by incorporating better marketing strategies using the guide above. Furthermore,  utilize the trends in 2019 to reach more customers and build a solid market or audience.