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Why Social Media Matters in Digital Marketing

We are in a society where life is happening at warp speed. Progress doesn’t come with a few changes here and there. And, with everyone connected in a digital world, businesses are taking advantage of social media and leveraging on networks.

Giving your business a digital presence captures users with less work and more conversions. This platform is not only used for brand awareness, social media has also served as a medium to meet fellow businesses and has become a bridge for mergers and collaborations on a global scale

Let these digital social media marketing research numbers tell you exactly why it works:

  • 71% of consumers are more likely to recommend a product after checking reviews from social media according to Ambassador.
  • By 2015, there are about 69% adults using social media compared to 7% in 2007.
  • On average, the use of social media through a smartphone grows 30% per annum.
  • Today, there are 2 million businesses that use Facebook as an advertising platform.

Now that you saw the numbers here are the reasons why this is crucial to your social media marketing plan.

1.)  Wider audience

The demographics are wider and the costs are cheaper compared to traditional advertising. Social media can go from picture-based platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to creating posts like Facebook and Twitter. By using paid ads, businesses can take control of the type of market they’d like to target for their products.

Furthermore, businesses can check the efficiency of their ads in real-time. Campaigns done via paid ads can help you understand whether you are churning effective contents or they need further improvements to create conversions.

2.)  Increase reach for your brand

This boundless society has given businesses access to promote their products without having to spend millions to advertise outside their country.

As more people are leaning towards social media for opinions from politics to choosing products, businesses should be quick to understand that building their digital brand is critical to the success of their business.

3.)  Increase traffic and conversion

It doesn’t make sense if your business has many followers but no conversions. After all, your business is there to generate more profit. Inbound marketing is important to redirect your followers to become consumers.

When you have a valuable content that your followers can share, the results are exponential. This translates to revenues for your business. You can also diversify your reach with other social media platforms to create a more versatile base.

4.)  The power of SEO

Also known as search engine optimization, the key to this is it places you on the digital map. Since most people are turning to Google to search for relatively anything under the sun, having a specific niche may increase your chances of being seen once they type in specific keywords for it. Using specific keywords boosts your business visibility in big search engines like Google.

Not only that, SEO is also part of social media marketing plan so when your potential client’s types in the keywords, your business will be the first one they’ll see on their search feed.

There are far more benefits of using social media for your business. But the important thing is you know how to utilize this tool to your advantage. In the long run, you’ll see that this is the most cost-efficient way to go to build your online credibility and earn better than average profits.

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