As is common for almost every bit of the tech world, video production has morphed from a secretive, black magic skill to a task that is as common as texting. Anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone has the ability to shoot a video, edit the raw footage and produce a video that is of a higher quality than some feature films that were produced professionally just a few decades ago. Today video production is not about a spiffy view meant to impress more with the wonders of technology and the advances in manipulating images, it is about a fresh new view; a unique way of presenting the material in a manner that viewers will find both entertaining and informative.

A huge contributing factor in the growth in the video production industry is due to the amazing capabilities of user friendly software that can be purchased for a very low price. Gone are the days when a video producer needed to spend more for a high quality camera than they did for a vehicle. And likewise, outrageously expensive software has gone the way of other dinosaurs. For a mere $50 a month you can have every new bell and whistle that the big name editing software company is offering and be working with the same tools as the pros at the biggest advertising firms.

Smart phones are the other tool that has opened up the world of video production to the masses. You can’t walk down the street without seeing at least a few people shooting videos. Nearly ¾ of the adult and teen population in this country own a smart phone. They have changed the way we stay connected and allowed us to literally share our view of the world, with the world. That fact alone has advanced video production by light years. There is an entire generation of teens who have grown up with a hand held device. They have been shooting videos and playing with editing software for stills and video since before they even really understood the concepts. You can now collaborate with someone on the other side of the world to create a video that will be available for millions to view in just a matter of hours or days.

The beauty of a camera in every hand is that it has created a frenzy of demand for quality videos. Consumers aren’t interested in surfing the web to read news stories and looks at stills, they want to be presented with an up close, real time view of the news as it is happening. Videos are no longer about just watching stupid stunts, we watch videos to learn a skill or to get reviews about a particular product or service, replace a battery or even fix a broken dishwasher. Students are watching video lectures, submitting projects via video and communicating with classmates from around the world via video chat.

Videos are no longer just for kid’s entertainment, they are the media that will sell products, educate consumers and inform the world about news in real time. Video is the future for companies and brands and quality video production is a skill that will keep your business at the cutting edge of marketing. Prices on equipment and software are dropping rapidly so everyone will have videos on their websites and in their advertising. But the key to capitalizing on video in your marketing is to set your brand’s message with your high quality professional design and presentation. Be known for being the best and only allow the beast quality video production practices to represent your business.

Variety is the spice of life, and that adage is just as true for your companies video marketing endeavors. Using a variety of production techniques, War Horse Agency will put together a comprehensive video marketing plan that will keep your target audience engaged and entice them to buy your product or service.

Most brands don’t have the time to actively pursue an effective video social media marketing campaign. Let us help you with that and get your brand in front of more prospective clients