Tips on How to Double Your Conversion

First impressions matter. That particularly holds true in the online world, where it is said in a study by Missouri University of Science and Technology that sites have less than two-tenths of a second to form a good impression on online users. An additional 2.6 seconds will lead to cementing an impression over these online visitors. With such a short amount of time, it is important that everything in your site is perfect in order to convert those visits into profitable website ratings. Here are a few tips on how to double your conversion:

Get a good headline

It is said that 90 percent of the success of an ad comes from a strong headline. Online visitors quickly scan the headlines and if they deem it uninteresting, they immediately click away. His results to an average of 85 percent bounce rate for most sites, which is not ideal for SEO. With the help of a search engine optimization agency, optimize a web session by reeling your visitor in with a good headline.

Insert “call-to-action”

Give your audience incentives to try out your promos by blatantly posting call-to-action slogans. For instance, say that they can get 50% off of their purchase if they used a particular promo code before a particular date. It provides a compelling reason to act upon your promotions and at the very least, it increases the likelihood of them considering your offer. That increased consideration can be converted into sales. This has been a proven social media marketing and digital marketing strategy.

Display your credentials

It is unlikely for clients to subscribe to your business if they feel like they cannot trust you. To solve this, you may post a brief profile of the person handling the business, so as to make it appear more human and approachable. Positive feedback from previous clients must also be displayed. Press mentions, if there are any, must be cited as it improves credibility.

Avoid being too technical

Not all your visitors will immediately know what exactly they want to buy. Oftentimes, they might be beginners looking to attain professional help. As much as possible, jargons and arcane terms should be simplified as your audience might be global, which means that not all of them has a strong command over the English language. The litmus test to determine if your content is beginner-friendly is if it can easily be articulated by a young adult.

Provide customer support

If possible, there should be regular customer support that could answer to some of your visitors’ queries. A simple chatbox can help seal a deal by clarifying a few things. It also sends off an implication that your corporation cares, and people are more likely to trust such individuals. This service can also serve as an avenue for you to build your potential client list. In that manner, you can periodically send emails about promo announcements which can generate you sales.

An effective social media digital marketing strategy is the capability to convert page views into actual, profitable sales. With the aforementioned tips, you can expect that your audience will be more incentivized to engage with what you can offer.