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Using Instagram Live Video Chat Helps Your Business

Instagram is currently one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Its basic features appeal to millions of its users and upgraded features like Instagram Story and Instagram Live is now being maximized. This utilized for personal use and also as a digital social media marketing strategy for businesses.

Instagram Live, most specifically, can help you grow your business only if you know how to tap the right market and what kind of content and strategy you will utilize. It is the newest trend in social media nowadays wherein Instagram users can directly get in touch with their followers.

It makes the engagement more authentic and intimate compared to simply sharing videos and photos on your feed. If you’re currently handling an Instagram account for digital marketing purposes and may have been wondering how to use it to better promote your brand, here are some of the information and tips that may be useful to you.

 Benefits of Instagram Live:

  1. Easily seen by followers. Since Instagram Live is displayed front and center, your followers will surely see it easily. The probability that more people will check out your story, feed and live video is really high. 
  1. Instagram Live notifies all your followers. When you start a live video, all the followers of your account will be automatically sent a push notification which means you will definitely have an audience.
  1. Your video can still be seen even after you went live. If you’re worried that some of your followers will miss out on your live video event, worry not because Instagram will automatically add your completed video on your Instagram Stories. Your followers can easily check it out even if they weren’t able to watch you live.
  1. Direct communication with your followers. During Instagram Live, your followers can comment which means they can give you suggestions or ask you anything and you can answer them straight away.
  1. You can do demos of your products on the spot. Whether it is unveiling a new product or informing your followers about an update on your services, you can discuss it right away during Instagram Live.

Instagram Live Digital Marketing Strategy Ideas

  1. Product launch. If you have a new product that you will be releasing, you can give your followers the first look via Instagram Live. You can invite other experts in your company who helped develop the product so they can discuss it thoroughly and answer questions from possible buyers too. Don’t forget to mention when the product will be officially released, where they can avail it and how much it costs.
  1. Product review. You can line up all your previous products and make a live review of each. You can also demonstrate how to use them. This is very much applicable to products such as make-ups, games, gadgets, and appliances where you can do a live tutorial.
  1. Event live stream. If you have company activities or brand activation events, you can do live streaming through Instagram Live. This will allow your followers to stay up to date on your brand especially those who cannot be physically present at the event.

There are more ways by which you can use Instagram Live to your business’ advantage like the utilization of social media digital marketing. For more information, you may contact us via phone or email. See how we have helped businesses like yours win the race!