Video Campaign: Grows Revenue

Although long texts such as blogs and newsletters can be an effective digital marketing strategy, people nowadays can be too busy to read. Hence, videos for social media digital marketing become more interesting for some as it saves their time and is visually appealing.

A video, short or full-length, is a powerful tool because it does not only tell its viewers an important message but it also evokes them to take action. In terms of digital marketing, using videos to get your story across can help your business tremendously. It can be a good strategy to communicate with your target market and build awareness.

It Can Tell the Story of Your Brand Effectively

One of the purposes of business marketing in social media marketing is to tell your target audience what your brand is, what it stands for, what it can offer, what problems it can solve, and how it can help their customers. With the use of photos like those you see on slideshows or a montage of video clips, you can definitely relay your story and get your prospects to listen.

A study conducted by Forrester Research found out that a 60-second video can say as much as 1.8 million words and that customers are more drawn to images when they want to get to know a product rather than read long paragraphs about it.

There are three types of videos that you can use as a digital marketing strategy.

        Informational wherein the video shows your company background and your products

        Demonstration wherein you show your target audience how your products work

        Testimonials from real satisfied clients

It Can Increase Your Leads

The success rate of a digital marketing campaign can be measured through lead generation. What value does a strategy have if it won’t increase your reach to your target audience or at least grow the traffic of your company website? As stated by Hubspot, over 50% of marketing specialists confirm that videos elicit the best ROI.

It Can Help Fast-Track Your Pipeline

A marketing campaign’s success does not end on lead generation. An effective strategy calls its audience to action and translates the generated leads to actual sales. Through a video, you can trigger certain emotions to your prospective customers and make them feel that they need your product. With this, you will generate interest and eventually make them buy what you are selling, making your digital social media marketing successful. 

You do not have to shell out so much money to produce an effective brand marketing video. You can start by creating a low-cost video featuring your products or shoot a simple customer testimonials video during a trade show or whenever you make a successful sale. In addition, you can hire digital marketing experts who can show you how it is done without spending so much on professional fee.

If you want to know more about digital marketing learn from the experts. If you are seeking professionals who can help you with your business, contact us now. See how we have helped businesses like yours win the race.