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Get a $100 WordPress design credit when you take action now to develop or redesign your website. Outdated design? Not mobile-friendly? Content not optimized for search? War Horse Agency has solved ALL of the top 7 pain points for business owners websites. Contact us today to see how we can leverage your new website as the beginning to your complete digital transformation. Trusted website designers since 1998.

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Let’s be clear. We must achieve a level of customer trust within less than one minute of arrival onto your website that prompts an intentful contact with your sales team. Delivering content that helps your clients become more ready to buy before contacting your staff will change the game for your business and bottom line. Our team works daily to understand conversion analytics and how we can apply those Data insights to your brand and mission.


Not only are the websites we develop aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to use for your clients in their increasingly busy life. Websites of tomorrow must be fast to navigate, utilizing only SSD server technology as well as deliver impactful information that will be remembered by your customers.


Easy Web Development Process

Our staff are WordPress design and development experts. You will love how easy it is to do business with us at War Horse Agency.


Digital Marketing Evaluation

Our specialized DME process is scientifically designed to put together your unique brand position, and find creative ways it aligns with your online content and truly engage your clients. After this is complete, we will have a clear picture of the niche direction that we should take your company’s online marketing campaigns.


Raise awareness to reach your audience

War Horse Agency’s Digital Impact Analytics division has just released our 2020 mandate on social media insights and data-driven impact calculations. Ask us about how we can integrate your website with Facebook pixel to give you more data on your potential and current customers than you have ever had before. Let us help you..

“War Horse Agency and Brandon Jones designed and created a “masterpiece” website so I may market my business to Federal Agencies, Educational Institutions and Private Sectors throughout the U.S. and global markets. Of significance, was the staff taking the time to learn about my business to ensure intricate details were conveyed in branding, vision, mission, products and services. Their professionalism, friendly atmosphere and caring approach made seeing my website come into fruition exciting and rewarding. The War Horse Agency expertise in web design, marketing, innovation, creativity and customer care sets them apart.

Again, my sincere thanks!”

Patricia Way

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“An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.” ―Arnold Glasow


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Why should I have a website?

This almost seems like a silly question at face value, but it is quite important to understand why. Your website is your hardest working employee. Explaining items about your business that could have easily been put on your website can take hours of needless time. When we are finished, your website will have a wealth of information as you tell all of your customers “you can find that on our website.” The other main reason is that we can begin the automation process or ‘funnel’ for your sales so that you do not lose any more leads due to missed calls.

I need to save money. Should I build the site myself or have my daughter or friend help?

You really should have a “professionally” developed website. With new legal compliance regulations including CCPA, GDPR, and E-commerce Tax liability among others; you could even end up with legal liability if you do not have a professional build your website. Statistics show that over 40% of small businesses do not have a website mostly due to financial reasons and an even larger percentage took months to build their own website and are still not yet finished. DIY web builder companies have a staggering statistic that over 70% of their clients never finish their site. Please don’t spend a ‘million’ dollars or six months for a basic to intermediate site. We have a product to fit all budgets with full-service development always included.

Can I connect my social media and website?

Of course we can put your social logos, links and connect buttons in the initial website design project. However, when your website design is paired with one of our monthly social media management or SEO content marketing products, we can create a connection from your website through your social media that gives us unlimited data on your clients, potential clients, and other insights which allow us to create audiences specific to your business and marketing agenda. Amazing!

I have heard that SEO (search engine optimization) makes websites stand out in search engines. How do I add SEO to my website?
How can I keep my website safe and secure for my customers and my business?

Included in all of our hosted and maintained customer websites is an SSL certificate, uptime monitoring, as well as security and malware plugins that we install by request to protect your website from attacks. Although we cannot guarantee your site will never be attacked (as that is out of our control), we can take a proactive approach and help fix a hacked website. Website security is a complex element of the process and depending on the size of your business and what functions your website has will dictate what level of security we will need to implement.

What is the basic process that you use to develop my website?

The first step to the War Horse Agency website design is the exploration and needs assessment. After we identify on a call or chat all of your pain points that we will solve for your company, we will then move to content strategy discussion and design consideration. We will then choose and develop a theme concept that showcases your business. We then will lay it out according to your page structure and provided content. After our initial development process will come a revision round. You will request any changes that you see need to be made and we will make the changes toward your final product expeditiously. We then do a basic multi-browser beta test with you as you go through the site and identify any issues prior to launch. If you have added any other products as far as SEO or content marketing we will implement those at this phase. Then after a final review, your site will go live typically within 1 to 2 weeks (or even faster if you have everything together) as long as we have all image assets and text assets to install into your site. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are rarely-if-ever to blame for a hold up in our lightning-fast design process. Upon launch, we will submit your site for indexing to search engines and move to the maintenance phase.