Why are millions of businesses switching to marketing automation software in 2020?

Believe it or not, even though we are entering into 2020 there are millions of businesses that are still attempting to use antiquated marketing tactics to generate leads. With the trends clearly leading to the synergy between sales departments and marketing departments we are seeing an increased need for software to assist in the process. Many marketing automation software companies claim that their software is the end-all-be-all except that is not the case. The industry you are in and the tools you use matter more today than it has in years previous.

Companies of today need solutions that are closely tailored to their industry. At the same time, these organizations must be reaching beyond the industry barriers to expand into new markets and Venture partnerships to drive revenue growth. We would argue that if you are able to find this path on your own (or even with your internal team) you have been lucky, to say the least. After multiple digital marketing evaluations and meetings with large boards of marketing executives, we have found that it is still beneficial and eye-opening to have an outside marketing agency at least consult with your staff to decide an application stack and clear direction that will benefit your automation processes. You can follow this link to read more about digital marketing.

Marketing Automation & Sales Process Automation in 2020

Since we are now seeing the synergy between sales and marketing divisions trending upward, it is safe to assume that this will be the mantra of many over the next decade or longer as we all fight to achieve revenue growth and insight understanding in our respective niches. There are many cloud-based software options now in the market that will help achieve this, but the main issue remains to adopt these technologies across multiple departments while maintaining consistent branding and mission.

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In the new 2020 world where many boards are still operating in a 1920s structure, they simply cannot move fast enough to adopt the technologies and implement them to actually make sense for an organization. We still see companies using ‘paper and pen’ for lead-gen and sales processes. If you had a peek into the mind of a data scientist for a half a second you would realize that you are missing 90% or more of the insights you could have by transitioning to some type of sales and marketing automation system.

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